Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bathroom Reveal

While the bathroom is still not completely done, I reckon it's done enough for a reveal. For the current phase of this "mini makeover", all that is left to do is replace our shower handles (we've decided to replace all three with cross handles) and hang some art on the wall above the towel bars.

A reminder of the before:

And the after:

One of our biggest achievements was adding an outlet that worked! It feels like a luxury being able to dry my hair in the bathroom. And I finally unpacked my electric toothbrush, that alone made this mini reno worth it!



Yes, that is an outlet in the before picture. But it was just for looks. Imagine my surprise when I first used that outlet and plugged in my hair dryer, flipped the on switch and the vent fan came on. Weird! I tested it again with my hair straighter and my electric toothbrush and yep, both items turned on the vent fan. Weird!! Bryan was determined to fix it himself and after hours of tracing the wiring in our house (which is a mess!) he discovered that the outlet's circuit ran to the vanity light and back. The circuit didn't run to the breaker box which is why it didn't work when we plugged appliances into it. Our old vent fan was somehow tied into that circuit as well, which was why it would come on if plugged something into the outlet. Bryan re-wired this fancy new fan into the bathroom and it now works like a charm.

It was Bryan's must have item for the room. It contains a heater as well as a vent fan and light. Even in the dead of winter, he cannot tolerate taking a shower hotter than lukewarm. Needless to say, he would freeze when getting out of a shower, but no more! I, on the other hand, usually end my shower with only the hot water running, so being cold when I get out of a shower is never an issue for me. The extra light is nice, too. Especially when getting ready for bed, the light from the over head is really soft and soothing.

These shelves make me insanely proud. I installed them. By myself. I've been very timid about drilling holes in our walls and always asked Bryan to do it. But after installing these shelves, I am no longer timid. I am empowered! And will be the main hole-driller in our house from now on.

After looking on and off since we moved in, I finally found a tray that fits on the back of our toilet. It's the itso narrow tray from Target in white (which I embellished with cut outs from a place mat of all things). It fits perfectly on our narrow, curved toilet tank. It holds extra toilet paper, my facial oil and wash cloths. I use the oil cleansing method for washing my face and as weird as it sounds, the back of the toilet is the perfect spot to keep my supplies. They're easily accessible from either the sink or the shower. No more are the days of getting in the shower only to realize that my supplies are not.

We didn't replace our towel bars, shower curtain, curtain hooks or towels. They go perfectly with our new color scheme and were purchased before moving into our house.

For such a small room (it's less than five feet from the door to the tub), it sure did pack a wallop of mini-makeovers and mishaps. Check out all that we've done for this room.

Re-vamped a medicine cabinet
Installed a new light
Installed a new vanity and faucet
Stripped some door hardware
Re-attached newly stripped hardware
And of course, dealt with a mishap

So that's it for our mini-reno! It seems to be the season of mini bathroom makeovers. Check out Mary's mini bathroom reno--she really cleaned it up! It's amazing what a little paint and elbow grease can do! And Susie's bathroom makeover. SIGH! I love what she did--it's so unique and inspirational! I'm amazed at how much personality she injected into the small room. Is anyone else tackling a bathroom mini-reno? Or how about a full blown renovation?! What's on your bathroom wish list?


  1. Fantastic!!!!

    We are way overdue for two bathroom makeovers. Our guest bath just needs a whole lotta paint... our master bath needs a sledgehammer and about double the space! ;)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I LOVE the glass shelves (the lion!) and the embellished tray, and I'm more convinced than ever that I must put crown molding in my bathroom. It's gorgeous!

  3. This is so clean and cute! I love the wall color, love the lion and love the polka dots! Those floating shelves are pure perfection. You always have such great taste!

  4. P.S. - I just realized I wasn't following you. Excuse the rudeness!

  5. It's crazy how the blue completely changes the color of the tile, isn't it? The combination is sort of soothing.

    I really like your shower curtain hooks! Especially next with the other colors.


  6. I like your color combo. The glass shelves are my favorite. You go GIRL that you installed them all by yourself!

  7. Looks fabulous! SO nice and bright. I love that light fixture and those glass shelves! (I need to take a cue from you and start being a hole-driller instead of asking Luke all the time.)

    And YAY for finally being able to dry your hair in the bathroom - what a concept! haha

  8. Wow I kept looking at the before and after pictures. And wow! Very nice. I likey a lot:)

    Such an elegant and beautiful but FUN bathroom now.

  9. I love the fixtures you went with! Oh, and hanging my glass shelf was my first big experience with hanging something correctly :).

  10. awww...what a cute bathroom! I love the small changes you made that gave the room a bigger impact! I have tile like yours in my bathroom, only it's light green.

  11. I just hopped over here from Thrifty Little Blog - I love those glass shelves (and who wouldn't love that cute lion!), it looks great!

  12. I really like the color you used and the glass shelves are a beautiful choice. Your mini makeover is so cute!
    I tried to hang a picture on our plaster wall once....it didn't turn out very good! I am the wall painter in the house, I will stick to that.