Tuesday, June 28, 2011

32 Week Bump

 How to get rid of man hands? Grow a big belly! 

As usual, this post is going up late.  I'm now 33 weeks from my estimated due date.  Seven weeks to go and only four weeks left until I'm considered full term!  Now is the time where I hope that the weeks go by even faster than previously because I am feeling the pain.  An almost 25 pound uterus will cause achy hips (and forces one to consciously try not to waddle) and impedes ones ability to bend over which makes getting comfortable in bed almost impossible.  Just for fun, try climbing in bed tonight, adjust your covers and pillows (I use three now, by the way--the third one usually goes between my knees but occasionally is used under my belly) and don't bend at your waist.  Then wake up three hours later to go to the bathroom and do it all over again.  This time being careful to not wake up your husband.  Fun times, I tell ya, fun times!

But I need to get used to it for the time being because I'm not holding my breath that she'll make an entrance in seven weeks if she takes after either of her parents who are procrastinators (it's a running joke in my family that I was born two weeks late and have been late ever since).  She'll probably decide a good week after her due date that maybe it's time then I'd imagine a full week after that before she'll mosey around to being born.  On the other hand, while I'm convinced she'll arrive late, I'm worried about her arriving early.  Yeah, wrap your head around that.  Pregnancy has made me crazy!  Because of that, we're making a final push to get the nursery (mostly) ready.  I hope to have pictures for you soon. 


  1. So exciting!! You look absolutely adorable, by the way. You're not even allowed to say 'man hands.' They're perfectly proportional!

    I love to live vicariously through other people's nursery and am so excited to see what you have planned! Post soon please!

  2. you're glowing, my friend! can't wait to see nursery shots.

  3. You are looking womderful Carrie. I remember those last few months of feeling so huge and uncomfortable. Not so much through the day but sleeping was so hard as I couldn't get comfy and I definately need my sleep. xx

  4. Wow! You look so amazing!! Love these posts.

  5. You are SO pretty! I hope I look like you when I'm pregnant.