Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby Bump: 28 Weeks

This was actually a week and a half ago, which means now I am 29 and 1/2 weeks, so only about 10 weeks to go. Time is flying!  Would you believe that we haven't even started on the nursery yet?!  I'm trying to stay calm and remind myself that it doesn't have to be 100% done when the baby arrives.  I do plan on getting it painted this weekend though.  If you're interested in what I have in mind for the nursery, you can check out my Nursery Pinboard on Pinterest (and warning, if you haven't checked out Pinterest yet, it can be highly addictive).

Moving on to pregnancy news, I now have Braxton Hicks contractions on a daily basis.  They don't really bother me but I hear they can be quite annoying for some women.  To me they serve as a reminder that my body is preparing itself for labor.  While I may be a procrastinator, my body obviously is not and likes to be prepared.  Since I'm planning on a natural labor/delivery experience this also serves to remind me that my body knows what it is doing.  I just need to trust it.

Heartburn on the other hand is majorly annoying!  I am so looking forward to the day that goes away.  Typically, as long as I eat small meals that aren't heavily spiced and contain no tomato sauce then I'm good.  Unfortunately this means pizza is off the menu (unless it's a white sauce)--the last time we ate it, my throat was burning before I had even swallowed the first bite.  This is particularly sad news for Bryan since we are pizza fiends and were eating it on a weekly basis. 

And my belly...well it is a growin'!  I can't believe how much bigger its gotten in the past four weeks.  My wardrobe is dwindling fast and I'm going to have to venture out and buy a few maternity pieces.  Mainly bottoms as I now have one pair of pants, 2 pair of capris and one pair of shorts that fit.  One pair of the capris is maternity and they're not as comfortable as I'd hoped.  My draw string capris (the ones in this picture) are so much more comfortable.  Thankfully, a few of my pre-pregnancy tops still fit and a lot of tops available these days are longer and work even for someone my height (5'9") so I think I can get by without buying any maternity tops.

I was thinking it'd be fun to put together a pregnancy album for our little one to look through when she's older.  My Mom doesn't have too many pictures of her pregnant and I  wish she did because I'd love to see how she carried me compared to how I'm carrying my little one.  I think it'll be fun for our child(ren) to see the transformation.  And bonus, it's always fun looking at how fashion has changed over the years, especially maternity clothing. Looking through the pictures that Bryan has been taking, it's becoming apparent that I have to include a section of Bindi pictures.  It's actually hard to get a picture without her in it.  

And someone please remind me next time to do something else with my "man hands".  They're going to dwarf our baby bear when she gets here.  Anybody else have "man hands", if so please share your tips on disguising them. 


  1. aww, super cute! it will be nice to have this record of your growth for you guys and the baby. sorry, no man hands advice...but i do have nubby little fingers. and a cat who walks into pretty much every photo i take, too!

  2. You look so awesome! Just beautiful! I'm heading over to Pinterest to check out the nursery board. You have plenty of time, and it will be fabulous.

  3. You are BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to see what you've decided on for the nursery!