Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Willa's Room

Eleven months later and I'm posting Willa's room.  Tada!  It's been almost as long since I've blogged last but what can I say?  My little girl keeps me busy (let's just say that it has taken over two weeks to get this post ready and I wish I could go back and re-edit some of the pictures but if I do that this will never get posted!).  I have kept up with my blog reading, however and may I say that I'm so impressed by those of you with new babies that are still blogging!  You ladies are amazing!  I have come to the conclusion that my sweet girl is a  high needs baby (first 6 months would only nap if I was holding her--not even her Daddy would do) and I might blog about those challenges one day.  Anyway, reading blogs during our super long nursing sessions have helped me keep my sanity.

I have to give a disclaimer and mention that Willa does not sleep in this room (like I said, high needs). We are in the process of updating her room to fit her needs more and will be following a Montessori approach which includes a floor bed, so I'm capturing this room for posterity.  One of the challenges with our sweet girl is that she does not transition well from falling asleep in our arms to being put down (and cribs certainly don't make that easy!).  Nor will she fall asleep on her own outside of our arms.  It's just not who she is. So at the moment, this room functions as a place to store clothing, change diapers, read and play (reading and playing happen in every room though).

The jumping off point for this room was a sweet print from  Freya art print that I fell in love with a couple of years ago.  At the time, I thought if I ever had a baby, I wanted it to be in their room.  When I found out I was pregnant, I searched for this print and loved it just as much as I did when I first saw it.  She was running a sale, buy one large print, get a medium print for free (the sale is still running by the way!).  So, I splurged and purchased two prints for $90.  This was the first time we had purchased real art and I'm tickled that it was for Willa's room. Searching for a fabric that I loved as much as the print was challenging.  I wanted something that was interesting and whimsical but not too girly.  I came across Tula Pink Prince Charming and bought a fat quarters pack in the honey colorway to sample it and it was perfect.  I purchased the frog print for our cornice boxes and still have the fat quarters waiting for me to do something with.  To help me stay focused on what I liked (because often, I like it all!), I created a pinboard for this room and am happy with how much from my board we were able to incorporate. I really love how the room is now but am excited to change a few things to make it enjoyable for Willa, too.

We opted for cornice boxes (that Bryan built and I upholstered) with blinds over curtains.  Curtains took up too much precious wall space to work for the room.

I love this corner of the room.  I wanted to incorporate some pink and nature into the room.  I made the rag wreath using a variety of pink fabrics along with some fabrics I had hanging around the house (it was such a fun and satisfying project).  The flower pictures are photos that I took and printed from home on card stock.  They're taped on the wall for now because I wanted to use floating picture frames but had trouble locating them.  I wasn't sure how I was going to use them when I printed them which is why the yellow flower on the bottom row is too small for the arrangement.  We bought the upholstered, slip covered glider off Craigslist.  It came with a matching storage ottoman but I opted to use this little foot stool instead.  It belonged to Bryan's Grandmother and I recovered it a couple of years ago.  It works everywhere in our house but I especially love it in here.  The purple striped blanket was a gift from my sister and the pillow covering is a small blanket that Bryan's cousin knitted.  It is so soft and perfect for a baby.  The green and pink afghan blanket draped on the crib was a $3 yard sale find a couple of months ago.  

And this might be my favorite corner of the room.  These forward facing book shelves are all over pinterest and was the perfect solution for what otherwise would have been wasted space. I LOVE them!  It provides great storage with a small footprint. Willa loves them and points to it saying "bookh".  I love that "book" is one of her first words.  One proud Mama right here. Bryan built them and they were so easy to make and mount.

I scoured Craigslist for months looking for a dresser to fit in the space between the closet door and entry door (a much harder task than I anticipated!).  I finally found this one for $75 and I'm very happy with it.  I wanted to do a bolder two toned finish (as seen on my pinboard) but the dresser is maple and maple does not take stain well (as discovered after we tried it, then googled what we did wrong. Turns out there is a reason maple furniture is usually not stained.  Ahh, hindsight.).  It was a splotchy mess so I opted for a more subtle two toned finish and painted over our staining snafu.  Bryan also built the shelf hanging above the dresser. We used shelf brackets from Hobby Lobby ($8) and spray painted them yellow.  The wood top is pine wood flooring from our attic. 

(P.S. if you noticed some of the accessories are different in these pictures that's because the pictures were taken over the course of a month...yeah, have I mentioned things move slowly around here?).

And here's my favorite girl.  I can't believe how fast the time has flown by or that I'm already planning her first birthday party. It feels like we just got home with her. As soon as I started feel sad about the passing of time she started doing amazing things which has me nothing but excited for the next year.  She is now walking, talking (her vocabulary consists of mama (first word!), dada, bye bye, yuck, book, dog (which sounds like duck or dock) and glasses (she's obsessed with them.  In the mornings, she hands me my glasses saying "gashes" and she loves sunglasses, well mine anyway.  Baby sunglasses? Forget about it!) and signing (milk, more and eat).  Yes, I am one proud mama!  She also gives slobbery, open mouthed kisses and the sweetest hugs.  I ask for a hug and she puts her head on my chest.  Ahh, it melts my heart.

So, that's her room.  I hope you all enjoyed the tour and thanks for stopping by our little part of the internet!


  1. Ah, so glad to hear from you and see that sweet room. Is the ceiling blue? The whole room is adorable and those book ledges are awesome. I can't believe that is little Willa, she is so big and pretty.

  2. Yes, we painted it blue and love it. Thanks so much! I can't believe Willa is so big either. Ahh! It goes by so fast (as I'm sure you already know!).

  3. her eyes are gorgeous in that photo! i love her nursey, especially those book shelves and reading chair. not too sure what a floorbed actually looks like (although clearly it's a bed...on the floor) but i hope you have better luck with that!

  4. Aww, she's so sweet and perfect! I love the print and fabric that you went off of for the room. It's definitely girly-blue-chic :).

  5. I was just thinking about you this weekend! The room is so cute (the bookshelves!!) and Willa is ADORABLE. I can't believe she's almost one already!

  6. She is beautiful! Time really flies by when you have a baby.
    Love everything about her room, every detail is wonderful.

  7. The room looks awesome. It is too bad that she will not sleep in the room, good luck with the Montessori room. I think that is an interesting concept for a child’s room. I am glad that you chose a central pattern scheme and a nice main green color, it turned out well.

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